How a Well-Drafted Roommate Agreement Can Take the Anxiety Out of Your Living Situation

Living with roommates is a smart move if you’re trying to save money. However, even the best roommates have occasional disputes. Many are issues that can be settled quickly if you and your roommates have a roommate agreement. This can really save you a lot of headaches if you encounter a few twists and turns in your living situation.

roommatesThese agreements spell out everything that you think could cause disagreements. How to handle chores, who handles which chores, when “quiet hours” will be, when people are allowed to stay overnight — if at all, and many other issues can go in the agreement. Use previous roommate experiences as inspiration for setting up the agreement. Also, take pet peeves seriously and account for those in the agreement.

A roommate agreement should be in writing, and copies should be available for everyone in the household. Everything in the agreement should be something that each roommate can live with.

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