Save Money on Healthcare by Walking the Interurban Trail in Kent

Walking the Interurban TrailHaving a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, not just for your body but for your wallet as well. Walking the Interurban Trail in Kent is a great way to maintain your health and wellness.

The Interurban Trail is 14 miles long and stretches from Tukwila to Pacific. It is not only used for exercise. The trail connects several towns and is used by cyclists and walkers to commute to work. One of the many benefits of commuting to work on the trail is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy individual can save a great deal of money because:

  • Productivity at work increases
  • The cost of out-of-pocket healthcare decreases
  • Employer healthcare spending decreases
  • Absenteeism at work decreases

Even just walking a few miles on the trail a few days a week can make a difference. In addition to the money-saving benefits, you also get the benefits of being outdoors and lower risk of heart disease.

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