Take Advantage of Kent’s Interurban Trail to Clear Your Head and Enjoy Nature

interurban trailThe Interurban Trail is a historical route covering 18.1 miles of the Puget Sound Railway, which until 1928, carried passengers between Tacoma and Everett. The asphalt-covered trail offers great views of both industry and unspoiled nature.

The trail is wheelchair accessible and is bike and inline skate-friendly. Beginning at Fort Dent Way in Tukwila, the trail winds its way through the Green River Trail in Kent, then on to Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park. Here, you can use the amenities such as drinking fountains, restroom, and a quiet picnic area.

There are plans for future expansion, so that it is a continuous journey, rather than ending and beginning in designated areas.  

The Interurban Trail is in close proximity to Signature Pointe, and it offers the perfect outing for nature lovers. Go for a romantic walk with a loved one, take the kids on a picnic, or just enjoy the view and take some time to clear your head, while enjoying all of nature’s beauty.

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Photo via Facebook