Take a Day Trip to Enjoy the Activities at Mt. Rainier

mt rainierAdventure-seekers searching for activities at Mt. Rainier will not be disappointed. This landscape offers lovers of the great outdoors the chance to revel in natural beauty and stay active. The next time you’re thinking about heading over, keep these options in mind.

Climbing. Given that Mount Rainier ascends 14,410 feet above sea level, climbers of all levels will reach new heights. Mountaineers enjoy scaling the active volcano. You should be in good shape, and you must obtain a climbing pass if you are planning to climb above 10,000 feet. Permits are not required for day hiking.   

Cycling. While there are no designated bike trails in the park, visitors are permitted to cycle on the park roads. The best time to take to two wheels are September and October, although anytime of the year is great for a challenge.  

Ranger-led Programs. Interpretive experiences vary, but recent offerings include the Paradise Ranger Chat, a Subalpine Saunter, and the Nisqually Vista Walk to view the glacier and find out about geology.  

Are you going to try these activities at Mt. Rainier. If you’re interested in learning about things to do in the area, or if you’re thinking about moving, contact Signature Pointe

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