Gather Friends for a Picnic at the Signature Pointe Outdoor Firepit

Summer is a wonderful time to head outside and enjoy the beauty of the gorgeous weather with good friends.

Gather Friends for a Picnic at the Signature Pointe Outdoor Firepit
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Our Kent apartments with community amenities such as our outdoor fire pit area make for a nice spot to gather with friends. Here are a few ways to prepare for a picnic with friends this summer. 

Picnics are all about light foods to snack on while socializing and enjoying the outdoors. That means that easy foods like dips and spreads are a great way to start. Hummus comes in a wide range of flavors and styles, making it an easy place to begin your picnic. Pair the hummus with toasted pita chips for an outstanding combination.

Take advantage of the grills in our outdoor area by making some burgers or steaks. If you want to try something new to grill, consider tossing some red peppers and portobellos on the grill. These veggies will make for a flavorful and healthy meal that your guests will love.

For refreshments, make a batch of homemade lemonade to quench the summer thirsts of your friends. 

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Take a Day Trip to Enjoy the Activities at Mt. Rainier

mt rainierAdventure-seekers searching for activities at Mt. Rainier will not be disappointed. This landscape offers lovers of the great outdoors the chance to revel in natural beauty and stay active. The next time you’re thinking about heading over, keep these options in mind.

Climbing. Given that Mount Rainier ascends 14,410 feet above sea level, climbers of all levels will reach new heights. Mountaineers enjoy scaling the active volcano. You should be in good shape, and you must obtain a climbing pass if you are planning to climb above 10,000 feet. Permits are not required for day hiking.   

Cycling. While there are no designated bike trails in the park, visitors are permitted to cycle on the park roads. The best time to take to two wheels are September and October, although anytime of the year is great for a challenge.  

Ranger-led Programs. Interpretive experiences vary, but recent offerings include the Paradise Ranger Chat, a Subalpine Saunter, and the Nisqually Vista Walk to view the glacier and find out about geology.  

Are you going to try these activities at Mt. Rainier. If you’re interested in learning about things to do in the area, or if you’re thinking about moving, contact Signature Pointe

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Take Advantage of Kent’s Interurban Trail to Clear Your Head and Enjoy Nature

interurban trailThe Interurban Trail is a historical route covering 18.1 miles of the Puget Sound Railway, which until 1928, carried passengers between Tacoma and Everett. The asphalt-covered trail offers great views of both industry and unspoiled nature.

The trail is wheelchair accessible and is bike and inline skate-friendly. Beginning at Fort Dent Way in Tukwila, the trail winds its way through the Green River Trail in Kent, then on to Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park. Here, you can use the amenities such as drinking fountains, restroom, and a quiet picnic area.

There are plans for future expansion, so that it is a continuous journey, rather than ending and beginning in designated areas.  

The Interurban Trail is in close proximity to Signature Pointe, and it offers the perfect outing for nature lovers. Go for a romantic walk with a loved one, take the kids on a picnic, or just enjoy the view and take some time to clear your head, while enjoying all of nature’s beauty.

If you have a favorite spot on the trail, feel free to join the Facebook discussion!

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Kent Station Provides Area Residents Loads of Dining and Shopping Options

Kent Station  offers a nice range of shopping and dining options for Signature Pointe residents. Whether you want dinner and a movie, or a new outfit for work, you can find it at Kent Station.kent station

Kent is a favorite with locals because the shopping is laid out like an open air village. Your shopping options are extensive, from clothing to the Mac store to gaming. 

For retail clothing, the options include women’s and men’s clothing stores and children’s options, too. For sports enthusiasts, visit Road Runner Sports and pick up gear for a game at the apartment basketball courts.

If you are looking for gifts for him or her, you can try the Bath and Body Works. Or get a hair cut at one of the two hair salons, a manicure, a tan, or take self-defense lessons. 

Plan lunch or dinner with a wide range of food items like Mexican flavors, Italian pastas and pizza, Middle Eastern pitas, or Japanese food. There are spots for evening dinners, like Reds Wine Bar or Duke’s Chowder House. 

Or, make plans to meet up for a movie at AMC.

Please contact us for information about our apartment community.

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Need a Break? Stop In to the Kona Kai Coffee Shop

Stress is something we all need to let go of, and one of the best places to do so is at a coffee shop. One of the best coffee shops in Kent WA is Kona Kai, where they help out the community and make awesome coffee.

Kona Kai CoffeeKona Kai Coffee Shop is one of the best places to go in town, because they run such an amazing place. Not only do they serve excellent tea and coffee, they do so by providing training to homeless and disadvantaged kids, giving them the skills they need to make it on their own.

While you are there, indulge yourself with something special. They not only serve delicious coffee, but they also make incredible coffee drinks, like a Red Velvet Latte. They also bring in live musical entertainment on a regular basis. Truly, this a wonderful coffee house, so grab a friend, and head on over to your new second home. Kona Kai is located at 124 4th Avenue South.

To find out more about places to go around town, or to get information about living in our area, contact us today at Signature Pointe Apartments.

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This DIY All Natural Lip Balm Makes for a Great Gift

Make your own DIY lip balm with all natural ingredients.

lip balmThe DIY lip balm makes for a great gift for family and friends and is super simple to make. Take eight tablespoons coconut oil, three tablespoons beeswax and one-and-half tablespoon honey and place in a double boiler. Alternatively, take a bowl and place it on top of a saucepan with boiling water. Heat gradually until all the ingredients have melted. Please note that beeswax does take a while to melt – so be patient and ensure all the ingredients have mixed completely. Remove the mixture from the heat and add around thirty drops of essential oil of your choice. If you want to add color, add half a stick of natural lipstick like Jane Iredale. Stir and ensure the mixture blends. Place the bowl in a bigger bowl filled with ice water. Stir quickly until the mixture becomes thicker. Pour the mixture into lip balm containers and place the covers on. Let it sit to cool.

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PGP Motorsports Park is Perfect for the Whole Family

Here at Signature Pointe, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting things to do in Kent WA. Topping our list of must-do, local attractions is PGP Motorsports Park. Open rain or shine, PGP Motorsports offer drop-in, go kart racing around the clock. 

PGP Motorsports ParkPGP features a 9/10 mile outdoor, asphalt track and Italian-made, Birel Go Karts. Drop-in kart rentals open Wednesday through Saturday to racers 15 years old and up. Younger racers may be allowed to race only upon completing a Junior Racer course. 

Drop-in racing allows racers to take as many laps as possible during their race segments. PGP offers up to 12 different track configurations, giving racers many new challenges to experience.

Do you have the need for speed? Consider becoming a PGP Motorsports member. Members save money on kart rentals, receive special discount offers and have the ability to earn free race sessions. 

Do you want more competition? Ask PGP Motorsports staffers about their racing leagues. League racing is open to all experience levels. 

What are your favorite things to do in Kent WA? Share them with us on the Signature Pointe Facebook page. For more information on apartment living in Kent, contact Signature Pointe today.

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Kent’s ShoWalk Offers Residents an Indoor Walking Option No Matter the Weather

Don’t let the winter weather stop your fitness goals! As a resident of Signature Pointe Apartments, you have the option of walking indoors, all year round, regardless of the weather.

person walkingShoWalk indoor walking offers two levels, stairs for an extra cardio workout, and free monthly health screenings.

Walking is one of the best exercises on the planet, and it doesn’t take much to get started. All you need is a pair of walking shoes, and you are all set to go! The center is run by a group of volunteers, whose mission it is to provide free and healthy activities for all age groups and fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned walker, you’ll find the ShoWalk indoor walking track offers a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

Have tips for a safe and effective workout? Join the Facebook discussion! 

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Missing Gardening as an Apartment Dweller? Grab a Spot in Kent’s Community Garden P-Patch

Just because you now live in an apartment and no longer have a big back yard where you can nurse your green thumb and grow vegetables, it doesn’t have to mean an end to your gardening hobby. Thanks to the Kent Community Garden, everyone in the area has the opportunity to farm a patch of land and enjoy the many healthy benefits of vegetable gardening.

kent community gardenIf you drive past the intersection of James St. and 64th Ave S., you might notice more green than you’re used to seeing. This is the Kent Community Garden. It currently consists of 44 plots of 20′ x 20′ garden space. Each gardener can reserve two spaces each. This might not feed China, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can grow in this small space.

Tools, water, hoses, compost bins and more are provided. The cost for each plot is a $45 watering fee and a $25 refundable deposit for the year. Secure your plot starting on February 25 and it’s yours until October 25.

Check our blog or contact us here at  Signature Point for more summer activity suggestions. We’d also he happy to take some of those vegetables off your hands.

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