Create an Office Space that Speaks to You at Signature Pointe Apartments

Having a home office can do wonders for your productivity. No matter what work you are looking to do from home, you can bet that having the right space for it at your Kent apartments near I-5 can make a huge difference. Here are a few ways to create a stylish and functional office space in your home.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Choose the right desk. This is going to be an important part of designing your home office. Find a desk that not only fits well into your apartment, but also fits your style of work. Keep in mind the kind of work you do, how much space you need on the surface of the desk, how many drawers you would like for it to have, and etc. The right desk can make all the difference.

Install shelves above your desk for added space. Sometimes we need extra space, and there are plenty of ways to find it. Installing a few shelves above your desk can offer lots more space to store office supplies. 

Make sure you decorate your office for added personal flair. 

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Kent’s ShoWalk Offers Residents an Indoor Walking Option No Matter the Weather

Don’t let the winter weather stop your fitness goals! As a resident of Signature Pointe Apartments, you have the option of walking indoors, all year round, regardless of the weather.

person walkingShoWalk indoor walking offers two levels, stairs for an extra cardio workout, and free monthly health screenings.

Walking is one of the best exercises on the planet, and it doesn’t take much to get started. All you need is a pair of walking shoes, and you are all set to go! The center is run by a group of volunteers, whose mission it is to provide free and healthy activities for all age groups and fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned walker, you’ll find the ShoWalk indoor walking track offers a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

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