Utilize These Apartment Living Tips for a Better Renting Experience

Enjoy a better renting experience with these apartment living tips. hanging painting

  • Make It Feel Like Home – Although you are renting, you can still make your apartment feel like home. Use decor like paintings creatively to keep the walls from looking too bare, add a large rug to mix things up and use overall good design principles.
  • Noisy Neighbors – You are only separated from your neighbors by a wall. If you have a noisy neighbor who likes loud music or watching TV at full volume in the early hours of the morning, try talking to them before going to management to place an official complaint.
  • A Good Relationship With Your Landlord – Avoid future problems with your landlord by getting everything documented. Know your rights as a tenant should something go wrong in the future.
  • Temporary Upgrades – One of the downsides of renting is that you cannot upgrade things that are older. However, you can perform temporary upgrades with the consent of the landlord, especially if it will save him money in the end.

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How Should You Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests?

Here are ways to prepare your home for overnight guests.

  • guest roomA light & nightstand – Place lights on end tables by the bed that guests can easily turn on and leave key small lights on throughout the house so that guests can easily find their way. A nightstand allows guests to keep private belongings like a wallet and cell phone close.
  • Pillows & extra bedding – Have plenty of pillows available so guests can choose how many they want to use. Also, keep an extra throw blanket in the room if they get cold. Let them know where you keep the linens should they need more.
  • Extra toiletries – Have a glass container filled with toiletries such as lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and more in the guest room available for your guests to grab.
  • Towels & washcloths – Have towels easily accessible for guests by placing them with washcloths on the bed to make matters very easy.
  • Unpacking place – Place a chair or dresser in the guest room for easy unpacking.  

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Kent’s ShoWalk Offers Residents an Indoor Walking Option No Matter the Weather

Don’t let the winter weather stop your fitness goals! As a resident of Signature Pointe Apartments, you have the option of walking indoors, all year round, regardless of the weather.

person walkingShoWalk indoor walking offers two levels, stairs for an extra cardio workout, and free monthly health screenings.

Walking is one of the best exercises on the planet, and it doesn’t take much to get started. All you need is a pair of walking shoes, and you are all set to go! The center is run by a group of volunteers, whose mission it is to provide free and healthy activities for all age groups and fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned walker, you’ll find the ShoWalk indoor walking track offers a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

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How a Well-Drafted Roommate Agreement Can Take the Anxiety Out of Your Living Situation

Living with roommates is a smart move if you’re trying to save money. However, even the best roommates have occasional disputes. Many are issues that can be settled quickly if you and your roommates have a roommate agreement. This can really save you a lot of headaches if you encounter a few twists and turns in your living situation.

roommatesThese agreements spell out everything that you think could cause disagreements. How to handle chores, who handles which chores, when “quiet hours” will be, when people are allowed to stay overnight — if at all, and many other issues can go in the agreement. Use previous roommate experiences as inspiration for setting up the agreement. Also, take pet peeves seriously and account for those in the agreement.

A roommate agreement should be in writing, and copies should be available for everyone in the household. Everything in the agreement should be something that each roommate can live with.

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Missing Gardening as an Apartment Dweller? Grab a Spot in Kent’s Community Garden P-Patch

Just because you now live in an apartment and no longer have a big back yard where you can nurse your green thumb and grow vegetables, it doesn’t have to mean an end to your gardening hobby. Thanks to the Kent Community Garden, everyone in the area has the opportunity to farm a patch of land and enjoy the many healthy benefits of vegetable gardening.

kent community gardenIf you drive past the intersection of James St. and 64th Ave S., you might notice more green than you’re used to seeing. This is the Kent Community Garden. It currently consists of 44 plots of 20′ x 20′ garden space. Each gardener can reserve two spaces each. This might not feed China, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can grow in this small space.

Tools, water, hoses, compost bins and more are provided. The cost for each plot is a $45 watering fee and a $25 refundable deposit for the year. Secure your plot starting on February 25 and it’s yours until October 25.

Check our blog or contact us here at  Signature Point for more summer activity suggestions. We’d also he happy to take some of those vegetables off your hands.

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Want a Clean Apartment? Don’t Fall for These Common Myths

You’ve moved into your first apartment and it’s perfect, but how do you keep your apartment clean? We all know it can be a chore, but there are some rules of thumb that aren’t necessarily the best. Clean less as we debunk these common cleaning myths:

  • Cleaning suppliesMYTH: Clean wood with furniture polish every single time. This is unnecessary, as frequent polishing of wooden furniture can cause a buildup of sticky film. Apply furniture polish no more than once a week with a microfiber cloth.
  • MYTH: Newspaper is the best cleaning material for glass. Use paper towels to clean windows. Newspaper is lighter, tears easily and can stain windows.
  • MYTH: Vinegar can be used on everything. Vinegar isn’t the wonder cleaner many people think it is. When it comes to grease and dirt, eco-friendly options are far more viable.
  • MYTH: Hairspray helps with ink removal from clothes. Years ago this was true, because hairsprays had an alcohol base. Nowadays, hairspray uses a little to no alcohol as a base. Use rubbing alcohol instead.

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