5 Tips for Preventing a Garbage Disposal Clog in Your Apartment

The garbage disposal is a useful tool in the kitchens of our Signature Point Apartments. Here are four important tips in order to avoid clogging a garbage disposal in your kitchen: 

  • garbage disposalAvoid hard foods – Dense food debris such as fruit pits, bones and shells can be a nightmare for your garbage disposal to deal with. Avoid putting these items in your disposal to prevent blade dulling, jamming and damage.
  • Keep stringy veggies out – Many vegetables have skins that are tough and difficult for garbage disposals to process. While banana peels, potato skins and corn husks are all organic materials, they don’t break down quickly and can wrap around your disposal’s blade. 
  • Stay away from grease – Grease is another item that shouldn’t go down your apartment’s drain or garbage disposal. Grease tends to hang around rather than processing, covering blades and impeding their operation. Also, grease can solidify and lead to major clogs. 
  • No non-food items – Garbage of the non-food variety has no place in your garbage disposal. Non-organic materials won’t break down, causing them to hang around in your drain and create problems.

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