Quickly Clean Up Your Stove Messes Without Hassle

The kitchen can be a messy place. Splatters and spills tend to happen in the kitchen more than anywhere else. If you’re looking for tips on cleaning your Kent apartments with full kitchens, then here’s some information on how to quickly clean your stove without fuss.

To begin, fill your sink or a bucket with warm water. Add in a bit of dish soap until the water creates suds. Remove the knobs and any other small pieces from your stove and place them in the water to soak.

While these pieces are soaking, take a sponge and dip it into the sink water. Wring it out, and begin to use the sponge to wipe down your stove. Pay extra attention to any spots that seem to have tougher stains or grease. Use a degreaser for particularly difficult or set-in splatters. 

After wiping down the stove, go back to your soaking pieces. Remove them from the water and wipe them down with the sponge. You’ll find all of the grease and dirt wipes away with ease now. Reassemble your stove and watch how it shines. 

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Want a Clean Apartment? Don’t Fall for These Common Myths

You’ve moved into your first apartment and it’s perfect, but how do you keep your apartment clean? We all know it can be a chore, but there are some rules of thumb that aren’t necessarily the best. Clean less as we debunk these common cleaning myths:

  • Cleaning suppliesMYTH: Clean wood with furniture polish every single time. This is unnecessary, as frequent polishing of wooden furniture can cause a buildup of sticky film. Apply furniture polish no more than once a week with a microfiber cloth.
  • MYTH: Newspaper is the best cleaning material for glass. Use paper towels to clean windows. Newspaper is lighter, tears easily and can stain windows.
  • MYTH: Vinegar can be used on everything. Vinegar isn’t the wonder cleaner many people think it is. When it comes to grease and dirt, eco-friendly options are far more viable.
  • MYTH: Hairspray helps with ink removal from clothes. Years ago this was true, because hairsprays had an alcohol base. Nowadays, hairspray uses a little to no alcohol as a base. Use rubbing alcohol instead.

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