Make the Most of Your Spring Cleaning With These Maximizing Tips

Spring cleaningSpring is here, and summer is just around the corner. It’s tradition to welcome the warmer weather by cleaning and organizing your home. And no wonder, there is just something about opening all the windows and getting things clean and tidy. 

It’s a lot of work though, so we found some spring cleaning tips to make your Signature Pointe apartment sparkle:

  • If you have gone through the trouble of scrubbing your shower doors, removing all the soap scum and hard water deposits, then you want to keep them looking shiny and clean as long as possible. The solution: Apply a rain-repellent product, such as those made for car windshields, to the glass.
  • After you have shampooed your carpets and spot-cleaned you upholstery, consider using a fabric protecting treatment, such as scotch guard, to keep them looking cleaner for longer.
  • Instead of using traditional oven cleaners that give off noxious odors, try using a wet pumice stone. It works great without the harsh chemicals.
  • Finally, trade in your old lightbulbs for energy efficient daylight bulbs that give off a cleaner, more appealing light.

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