Simple Steps for Making Apartment Living With Your Dog a Breeze

Just when you think living at Signature Pointe Apartments couldn’t get any better, you’ve decided to get a furry friend.  We want you and your new pet to get off on the right foot, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for apartment living with a dog.

  • dogMake sure your dog has fresh water available at all times. When it comes to meal time, locate the feeding station away from the rest of the household. Many dogs feel more secure eating by themselves.
  • Keep blinds open when you’re home so they can check out the world around them. This fights boredom, which can result in bad behavior, and allows them to keep up with their canine neighbors.
  • Make walks a priority. While it’s definitely important to walk your dog so he or she can use the bathroom, it’s also important for the sake of regular exercise. Schedule frequent trips to the Morrill Meadows Dog Park so Fido can run off his leash and play with his new buddies.

For more information on how to keep your new dog happy, please drop by the Signature Pointe leasing office today.

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