Refreshing Options to Welcome Spring in Your Kent Apartment

Spring in Your Kent ApartmentSpringtime is finally here! Time for spring cleaning and welcoming the arrival of warmer weather. This is also a great time to welcome spring into your apartment with these quick and easy decorating ideas:

  • Add some statement greenery to your space with a large potted plant or tree. This can become a focal point of the room and add an outdoorsy feel to your living space.
  • One easy way to bring spring into your home is with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Tulips and daffodils are a natural choice and will give your dining table or coffee table a burst of color.
  • To give your living room a major lift, try white or light-colored slipcovers to brighten up the room.
  • In addition, new throw pillows in bright colors can provide an even more dramatic boost to your living room.
  • Consider switching up your current lamps and light fixtures with lighter, brighter colors.

These are just a few ideas you may want to try. Have fun and experiment with color, light and greenery to make your Signature Pointe apartmentĀ feel like spring both indoors and out!

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