Put the Pedal to the Metal at PGP Motorsports Park

PGP Motorsports ParkWant to add a little adrenaline to your life? Head over to the PGP Motorsports Park located at 31003 144th Ave. SE and spend an afternoon getting your thrill on!

The 9/10-of-a-mile asphalt outdoor go kart track includes an almost 800-foot-long straightaway, combined with over a dozen challenging twists and turns for both beginners and expert drivers. From slight elevation alterations to really cool technical features, PGP Motorsports Park was designed over the 22-acre course so multiple activities can take place at the same time.

No run of the mill go karts allowed on this outstanding course! Only the best Italian-made Birel N35 racing karts are used, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. PGP also has available hand control models for those patrons who may not be physically able to control the standard N35 kart.

There are a wide variety of racing opportunities, including amateur, league and endurance. PGP tracks may also be reserved for group and corporate events, birthday and holiday parties.

Have you challenged yourself with a lap around PGP Motorsports Park, or do you have other places you frequent to get your adrenaline fix? Let us know at the Signature Pointe community Facebook page!