Now’s the Time to Spring Clean Your Apartment

Are you feeling the itch to spring clean your apartment, or do you just need to clean up a little before overnight guests visit? Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help you get the job done right.

  • clear clutterEliminate clutter. Before cleaning a room, sort through the clutter. Put away what you’re going to keep, and make piles to donate or toss what you don’t want.
  • Start with the high places. Dust the tops of light fixtures and cabinets first to knock a lot of dust down. Doing this first will save you from cleaning the floors twice.
  • Let cleaning solutions sit. Cleaners will generally soften caked-on grime if you let them sit for about 10 minutes before you start scrubbing, making the job easier.
  • Clean in stages. Instead of trying to tackle your entire apartment at once, break it up. For example, plan to tackle one room each day.

Live in a beautiful apartment that you love to keep clean, and you’ll feel more motivated when it’s time for spring cleaning. Contact us for more information about Signature Pointe Apartments, or visit our Facebook page to find out more about our Kent apartment community.

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