New to Running? Take Advantage of Your Apartment’s Fitness Center to Get Started

Do you avoid the gym because you aren’t quite sure where to start? This running for beginners program can move you from beginner to expert in no time.

cardio machinesFirst Steps

Start with 30 minutes of brisk walking two to four times a week for two weeks. Move to a run five minutes, walk one minute for 30 minutes, up to four times per week for three weeks. If the running is going well, run for nine minutes and walk for one, or run for 30 minutes.

To increase your mileage on your fitness center cardio machine, bump up your running time by 10 percent.


Always run with good posture to minimize impact on joints. Keep your shoulders down and chest up with feet landing underneath your hips. Leaning from the waist will strain your back. Your hands should be loose and don’t swing elbows across your body. And make sure you’re wearing a good pair of running shoes, not cross trainers.

No matter your fitness level, you will enjoy a visit to your Signature Point fitness center. Contact us for information about our apartment amenities.

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