Missing Gardening as an Apartment Dweller? Grab a Spot in Kent’s Community Garden P-Patch

Just because you now live in an apartment and no longer have a big back yard where you can nurse your green thumb and grow vegetables, it doesn’t have to mean an end to your gardening hobby. Thanks to the Kent Community Garden, everyone in the area has the opportunity to farm a patch of land and enjoy the many healthy benefits of vegetable gardening.

kent community gardenIf you drive past the intersection of James St. and 64th Ave S., you might notice more green than you’re used to seeing. This is the Kent Community Garden. It currently consists of 44 plots of 20′ x 20′ garden space. Each gardener can reserve two spaces each. This might not feed China, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can grow in this small space.

Tools, water, hoses, compost bins and more are provided. The cost for each plot is a $45 watering fee and a $25 refundable deposit for the year. Secure your plot starting on February 25 and it’s yours until October 25.

Check our blog or contact us here at  Signature Point for more summer activity suggestions. We’d also he happy to take some of those vegetables off your hands.

Image via Facebook.com