How to Meet the Neighbors at Your New Kent Apartment

meet your neighborsYou’ve recently moved into your new Signature Pointe Apartment and you’re wondering how to meet the neighbors at your new Kent apartment. To take advantage of the community in the Kent area and make lasting friendships, here are a few ideas on how to meet new neighbors:

  • Make a treat basket – Instead of waiting on your neighbors to bring a welcome package, change tradition by making small treat baskets with a note introducing yourself.
  • Start a book club – Introduce yourself by passing out flyers inviting your neighbors to join your book club. Suggest a book title and chances are you’ll meet neighbors with similar interest.
  • Host a meet and greet – Invite your neighbors to a meet and greet in the pool area at Signature Pointe. Be sure to invite the kiddos.

Entertaining your new neighbors is an awesome way to share apartment decorating ideas and make new friends to enjoy your new amenities like the tennis court, fitness center and spa. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and share your ideas how to meet new neighbors.

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