5 Tips for Maximizing Bedroom Storage in Your Kent Apartment

Maximizing Bedroom StorageWhile getting settled in your new Signature Pointe apartment, why not begin maximizing bedroom storage with these easy tips? 

  • If a new apartment also means new furniture, consider investing in a platform bed with spacious storage drawers underneath.
  • Keeping the same bed? No worries. Head to the closest big-box store and pick up a couple plastic storage tubs with lids. Just measure first to ensure they’ll fit.
  • Adding a headboard with storage shelves can help keep track of books and magazines. Or if you don’t want to add separate nightstands, you can easily use a shelved headboard to hold your cell phone, tissues and alarm clock. Swing arm lamps can easily be attached to provide both light and save space.
  • Perhaps you rented a two-bedroom unit so you could have a guest room, but you still need a small home office. Add a few shelves and a small desk and chair to the room’s closet.
  • Turn that empty wall space into extra closet space. Install a hanging rack from the ceiling and use it to hold your most frequently worn outfits.

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Image via Shutterstock.com