Kent Station: Nearby Movies, Shopping and Food for Signature Pointe Residents

Kent StationThere’s a lot to love about living in your Signature Pointe apartment. With ample amenities, beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and a lovely country setting, there’s not much else to ask for. The convenient proximity to Kent Station is an added bonus.

If you’re looking for shopping, entertainment or dining, you don’t have to go far. Kent Station is your nearby one-stop location for all of those things. If shopping is on your list, you have a ton of options! Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, a new laptop or a flower arrangement for your dining table, you’ll find it here. You can also find dental and chiropractic services, all conveniently located near your Kent apartment.

Also at Kent Station you’ll find an AMC movie theater and several restaurants and eateries offering pizza, sushi, pasta, ice cream and more.

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