The Kent Farmers Market Opens on June 7th in Downtown Kent

kent farmers marketBreak out the sunglasses and prepare your taste buds for the fresh, local sweetness that only comes from the Kent Farmers Market. The market opens June 7th and runs through September 27th. Come on down every Saturday from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Town Square Plaza on the corner of Smith Street and 2nd Avenue.

Gather some of your neighbors in our community and enjoy the benefits of car-pooling, good friends and local, farm-fresh food.

  • Support local farmers and small businesses. Large chain stores continue making money whether you shop there or not. Purchasing from local farmers keeps them in business and feeds their families.
  • Ever wonder what happens to those apples from the time they’re picked in New Zealand and travel all the way to your table? Choosing locally grown food ensures you know exactly where it comes from and how it’s grown.
  • Fresh in the grocery store and fresh off the farm are not the same. Grocery store fresh often means sitting around for weeks and either flash frozen or picked unripe. Kent Farmers Market produce is harvested just before market day, so you’re getting the freshest ingredients possible.
  • Bring out the whole family, your neighbors and your friends. Strolling the Kent Farmers Market is free and provides a great learning opportunity for kids.

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