How to Keep the Heater in Your Kent Apartment Running Efficiently This Winter

humidifers help keep heating efficientBefore the snow starts falling, you can take a few simple steps to keep the heater running efficiently.

  • Don’t be afraid to request help from the maintenance department. To keep a furnace running efficiently, it requires regular cleanings. Ask to have the heating system cleaned and for help changing the air filter.
  • Invest in a humidifier. Running the heater creates dry air, which can make your skin feel tight and chapped. Using a humidifier along with the heater adds moisture to air. It can also help the room feel warmer, allowing you to lower the thermostat and save on energy bills.
  • Draft-proof your apartment! Even tiny holes like the ones behind outlets allow hot air to escape. Purchase pre-cut outlet insulation pads from the local hardware store. Unscrew the outlet covers, add the insulation pad and replace the cover.

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