Keep Your Furry Friend Safe by Pet Proofing Your Kent Apartment

We welcome pets to our community with open arms and we encourage residents to keep their furry friends safe while inside their Signature Pointe apartment. Here are several tips for pet proofing your apartment:

  • catKeep dangerous items out of reach: Chocolate, grapes, medications, cleaners, sharp objects and other items that can pose a threat to animals should be safely kept out of reach and in closed cabinets or closets.
  • Close drawers: A cat or kitten hiding in your drawer may seem cute at the time, but they could wind up trapped inside. Check drawers, the dryer and other confined places periodically, and always leave them closed, especially if your pet is nearby.
  • Put the toilet lid down: Believe it or not, a small dog can actually fall in and drown if you allow him to drink from the toilet. Keep the toilet seat down when the bathroom isn’t in use.

Share other methods of pet proofing your apartment with the Signature Pointe community via our Facebook page. And if you’re looking to relocate to a pet-friendly community in the Kent area, contact Signature Pointe Apartments today!

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