How to Organize the Closet of Your Signature Pointe Apartment

Closets can get crowded and unorganized quick, even the ones with ample space like those at Signature Pointe. Organize the closet in your apartment home this season with these helpful tricks and tips.

organized closetTips to Organize the Closet

  • Toss it – If you haven’t worn in it more than two years or if it’s more than two sizes too big or small, it’s time for it to be donated or tossed out. You can store off-season clothing in tubs under the bed to save space in the closet.
  • Storage – Now’s the time to figure out a storage system for your closet. There are a variety of closet organizing systems. Select one that ensure everything in your closet is within sight.
  • Separating – Sort clothing in a way that makes the makes sense to you and allows for quick, convenient selections. Heavy sweaters should be folded and put on a shelf. Tops, pants, dresses and skits can be hung, but pants may also be folded.

How do you organize your closet? Share your useful tips with the Signature Pointe community at our Facebook page.

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