A Guide to Public Transportation in Kent, WA

A Guide to Public Transportation in Kent, WAOne of the best things about living in Kent is the ease and accessibility of the public transportation system. It’s so simple to get from point A to point B using the public transportation in Kent, WA. And this is definitely true when you call Signature Pointe Apartments home.

The entire Kent area is serviced by both King County Metro and the Kent Sound Transit. Needing to go further in your daily journey? No worries! There are also connections to the Pierce Transit, as well as the Community Transit.

While the public transport system in our area is efficient, the City of Kent is always searching for ways to improve the services they offer. You’ve probably heard a light rail system is being considered from SeaTac to Federal Way. This high capacity option is in the planning stages, and public opinion hearings have been scheduled. There’s also an additional express route between Kent and Bellevue and the Overlake Transit Center being considered.

Interested in learning more about the best of country living right in the heart of Kent? Then please connect with one of the experienced staff at Signature Pointe Apartments for leasing information.

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