Top 5 Summer Activities to Get in Shape at Downey Bridge Monument Park

 Downey Bridge Monument ParkSummer is the perfect time to get creative with your workout and Downey Bridge Monument Park is the perfect place for it. It’s just 5 minutes from your plush Signature Pointe apartment, so no excuses! Get in shape with some of these summer activities in Kent. 

  • Bike from your apartment to the park, which is right near Kent cycling trails. You’ll work up a sweat and it won’t even feel like exercise.
  • Flying kites is another fun option. Get your body toned while you control your kite and soak up some rays.
  • Walking is great when you have the park and walking trails as your backdrop.  Time will fly as you admire the greenery and amazing water fountain.
  • Soccer lets you have fun and get in a workout. The park has plenty of open space so call a friend and kick the ball around.
  • Picnics may sound relaxing, but throw around a Frisbee and it can also be a sneaky, fun way to get moving.

Try these summer activities in Kent, then share your experience with us on our Signature Pointe Apartments Facebook page.  If you’re interested in one of our deluxe apartments with an excellent fitness center, contact us at Signature Pointe today.  

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