How to Create a Balcony Garden for Your Kent Apartment

balcony gardenWhen you live in an apartment, you may think you can’t have a garden, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s easy to create a balcony garden you can enjoy.

Think Containers

One of the best ways to creating a balcony garden is with containers. Container gardening is popular among those who have little space to plant. It takes very little to create the right container garden for your balcony. You can buy self-watering planters in all shapes, sizes and materials and plant anything from vegetables and herbs to dwarf fruit trees right there on your own balcony.

Think Vertical

You aren’t limited to what you can set on the balcony floor. Now there are many options for the urban gardener. You can plant vertically using either pre-made vertical planters or make your own. Either way, you can plant your own veggies and herbs, plus give yourself a refreshing green environment.

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