Fresh, Lightly Prepared Dishes at Mama Stortini’s Restaurant in Kent

Need a break from your usual fast food takeout? Here’s great news: You’ve got a healthy, fresh alternative in Mama Stortini’s Restaurant and Bar, an Italian restaurant with patio dining option. At the Kent branch, Mama Stortini’s offers lunch and dinner menus, both of which feature homemade soups, fresh salads, thin crust pizzas, burgers, pastas, and other Italian classics. To top off these dishes, you can also choose sweets like gelato, spumoni, creme brulee, and tiramisu from the dessert menu. There’s also a kids menu along with a gluten-free menu to accommodate other dietary needs.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Mama Stortini’s Restaurant Facebook

If you like a good drink to go with your meal, check out the alcohol selection for your choice of beer, cocktails, and wines at reasonable prices. Visit during happy hour at any day of the week; you’ll get even better deals.

Located at 240 W Kent Station St #104, Mama Stortini is just one of many establishments with close proximity to  Kent apartments near the Green River. It’s only a quick six-minute drive away from Signature Pointe, so you have no excuse for missing out any longer.

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Create an Office Space that Speaks to You at Signature Pointe Apartments

Having a home office can do wonders for your productivity. No matter what work you are looking to do from home, you can bet that having the right space for it at your Kent apartments near I-5 can make a huge difference. Here are a few ways to create a stylish and functional office space in your home.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Choose the right desk. This is going to be an important part of designing your home office. Find a desk that not only fits well into your apartment, but also fits your style of work. Keep in mind the kind of work you do, how much space you need on the surface of the desk, how many drawers you would like for it to have, and etc. The right desk can make all the difference.

Install shelves above your desk for added space. Sometimes we need extra space, and there are plenty of ways to find it. Installing a few shelves above your desk can offer lots more space to store office supplies. 

Make sure you decorate your office for added personal flair. 

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Using the Signature Pointe Pool this Summer? Practice Sun & Water Safety

Summer is in full force. If you want to get into great shape for summer 2015, start playing tennis on a regular basis. You’ll find your overall fitness improves, alongside agility, flexibility, and stamina.

If you haven’t played tennis before, check out these tips to get started:

Using the Signature Pointe Pool this Summer? Practice Sun & Water Safety

  1. Choose a lightweight and wide headed tennis racquet to give you more chance of hitting the ball. 
  2. Find the most comfortable grip for you by trying out different ways of holding the racquet.
  3. Practice forehand and backhand strokes as much as possible, and spend time practicing your serve. The more time you practice, the better you will become.

Tennis is a social activity, and you’ll find you soon make friends at any tennis club or court where you play on a regular basis.

The tennis court at our Signature Pointe apartment community in Kent is a great place to practice and challenge friends or family to games. You’ll find your tennis skills improve considerably when you play and practice regularly.

If you get too hot out on the tennis court, there are plenty of ways to cool down near our Kent apartments with an outdoor pool. Taking a trip down to the community pool is a great way to beat the heat this season. Before you do, make sure to consider these sun and water safety tips.

When swimming, always make sure there is another person present. Cramps or other things can happen while taking a swim, and having someone else nearby assures that we are being watched in some way while we swim.

To protect against the rays of the sun, wear sunscreen. An SPF of at least 15 is important with sunscreen, as well as a lotion that includes both UVA and UVB protection. Apply your sunscreen every two hours, and be more frequent if you are engaging in any activities that wet your skin or cause you to sweat. 

Wear loose clothing. Tight clothes can stick to the skin, heating up our bodies and causing dehydration without us even realizing. Stay hydrated, and keep cool by wearing clothes that are comfortably loose. 


You’ll enjoy all the recreational benefits of resort style living when you move to Signature Pointe apartments near the Green River. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of living at Signature Pointe

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Quickly Clean Up Your Stove Messes Without Hassle

The kitchen can be a messy place. Splatters and spills tend to happen in the kitchen more than anywhere else. If you’re looking for tips on cleaning your Kent apartments with full kitchens, then here’s some information on how to quickly clean your stove without fuss.

To begin, fill your sink or a bucket with warm water. Add in a bit of dish soap until the water creates suds. Remove the knobs and any other small pieces from your stove and place them in the water to soak.

While these pieces are soaking, take a sponge and dip it into the sink water. Wring it out, and begin to use the sponge to wipe down your stove. Pay extra attention to any spots that seem to have tougher stains or grease. Use a degreaser for particularly difficult or set-in splatters. 

After wiping down the stove, go back to your soaking pieces. Remove them from the water and wipe them down with the sponge. You’ll find all of the grease and dirt wipes away with ease now. Reassemble your stove and watch how it shines. 

One way to make sure your stove stays clean is to give it a break every now and then and order some take out from Grandma’s Thai Cuisine. If you live at Signature Pointe Apartments, Grandma’s is less than 10 minutes away.

Whether you’re in the mood for soup, noodles, seafood, chicken, beef or just a salad, the menu at Grandma’s Thai Cuisine has something for you. You’ll also find plenty of options in terms of spiciness, ranging from sweet fruit dishes to red curry beef and noodles. If you prefer vegetarian dishes, tofu can be used in place of chicken or beef and a variety of salads are also available, such as the famous Thai Sum Tum papaya salad. Also, the classic Pad Thai noodles are available with or without chicken. If you’re ready to eat, use their convenient online menu and ordering service and have it delivered to your Signature Pointe apartment in minutes.

To learn more about our Kent apartments with full kitchen and dining in Kent, WA, please contact us at Signature Pointe

Find Your Inner Zen by Building Your Yoga Space at Signature Pointe

The world can be a stressful place, and that means finding inner peace can be a bit more difficult than we would like. If you’re looking for ways to create a calm space in your Signature Pointe apartments in Kent, then follow these easy tips:Find Your Inner Zen by Building Your Yoga Space at Signature Pointe

  • Location is everything. Find a spot in your apartment that makes you feel happy. This can be anywhere. Areas with natural light are good to go for because sunlight tends to increase happiness and calm our spirits. 
  • Decorate with life. Plants are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your home. A few strategically placed plants can not only make your home feel more alive, but the lush and bright appearance of the plants will start bringing forth in you a natural sensation of calm. 
  • Turn off your phone. A big cause of anxiety in our modern lives is how connected we always are. Stop this problem at the source by turning off your devices while you are at home. In no time, you’ll see how disconnecting at home can benefit your inner peace. 

If you want to keep your inner peace going after you’re done with your yoga session then follow these ways you can relieve stress in your home:

  • Start by breathing. It may seem simple, but it goes a long way. Find a comfortable spot in your home and take a seat. Then, focus on your breath as it comes in and out of your lungs. This moment of slowing down and concentrating on a simple task is enough to get you in a more relaxed mindset.
  • Try to meditate. It may be difficult to achieve at first, but with practice, meditation is a surefire way to feel more content and relaxed. Try to clear your mind, and if it helps, repeat a mantra that helps you to find your focus. Soon you will discover a calm you did not know you possessed.
  • Reach out. Seeing friends is an amazing way to reduce your levels of stress. 

If you would like to learn more about our Signature Pointe apartments in Kent, please contact us and schedule your tour. 

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Gather Friends for a Picnic at the Signature Pointe Outdoor Firepit

Summer is a wonderful time to head outside and enjoy the beauty of the gorgeous weather with good friends.

Gather Friends for a Picnic at the Signature Pointe Outdoor Firepit
Source: Signature Pointe Apartments

Our Kent apartments with community amenities such as our outdoor fire pit area make for a nice spot to gather with friends. Here are a few ways to prepare for a picnic with friends this summer. 

Picnics are all about light foods to snack on while socializing and enjoying the outdoors. That means that easy foods like dips and spreads are a great way to start. Hummus comes in a wide range of flavors and styles, making it an easy place to begin your picnic. Pair the hummus with toasted pita chips for an outstanding combination.

Take advantage of the grills in our outdoor area by making some burgers or steaks. If you want to try something new to grill, consider tossing some red peppers and portobellos on the grill. These veggies will make for a flavorful and healthy meal that your guests will love.

For refreshments, make a batch of homemade lemonade to quench the summer thirsts of your friends. 

If you would like to learn more about our Kent apartments with community amenities, please contact us at Signature Pointe

Add Tennis to Your Workout Regimen for Serious Health Benefits

tennis twoAre you looking to add a new sport to your fitness regimen? The benefits of playing tennis should make it your first choice.

The physical benefits of tennis are well established. Tennis will improve your aerobic capacity, which means that your cardiovascular fitness increases giving you higher energy levels and improved fat burning. 

Your leg strength will be improved, because of the many stops and starts you make during a match. And you will be much more agile, since the game requires that you change direction – up to 5 times in 10 seconds in one tennis point when playing on your apartment tennis courts.

The psychological benefits are equally impressive. Tennis players develop self discipline through learning to work on skills in practice, and controlling the pace of play in competition. You will also learn to accept responsibility since you must make the line calls during a match.

Tennis gives you the opportunity to manage stress. The game requires you to increase your game play under tough conditions. The ability to manage your stress level during practice, and in tough matches, will help you in your every day life.

Contact Signature Pointe for information about our apartment community amenities.

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5 Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

shutterstock_103445501Your Signature Pointe apartments have a sauna on-site. There are many health benefits of a sauna that might be just the thing to convince you to try them out. 

Here are 5 of the health benefit when using a sauna.

  • Due to the fact that you sweat a lot in a sauna, they are great for detoxification. You will flush out toxins quickly. 
  • When trying to lose weight, the sauna is great therapy for helping that process. The heat will increase your heart rate and help you burn calories. 
  • The heat of the sauna is known for helping to build white blood cells in your blood. These cells are what make your immune system strong. 
  • Our on-site sauna is a way to meet your neighbors. While enjoying other benefits, you get social interaction.
  • After you have made use of the fitness center, you can go and recover from your workout in the sauna.

Go ahead and enjoy the health benefits of a sauna by checking out ours on-site. If you want more information about our amenities, be sure to contact us at Signature Pointe. Also join community discussions on health by liking our Facebook page. 

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Take a Day Trip to Enjoy the Activities at Mt. Rainier

mt rainierAdventure-seekers searching for activities at Mt. Rainier will not be disappointed. This landscape offers lovers of the great outdoors the chance to revel in natural beauty and stay active. The next time you’re thinking about heading over, keep these options in mind.

Climbing. Given that Mount Rainier ascends 14,410 feet above sea level, climbers of all levels will reach new heights. Mountaineers enjoy scaling the active volcano. You should be in good shape, and you must obtain a climbing pass if you are planning to climb above 10,000 feet. Permits are not required for day hiking.   

Cycling. While there are no designated bike trails in the park, visitors are permitted to cycle on the park roads. The best time to take to two wheels are September and October, although anytime of the year is great for a challenge.  

Ranger-led Programs. Interpretive experiences vary, but recent offerings include the Paradise Ranger Chat, a Subalpine Saunter, and the Nisqually Vista Walk to view the glacier and find out about geology.  

Are you going to try these activities at Mt. Rainier. If you’re interested in learning about things to do in the area, or if you’re thinking about moving, contact Signature Pointe

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Take Advantage of Kent’s Interurban Trail to Clear Your Head and Enjoy Nature

interurban trailThe Interurban Trail is a historical route covering 18.1 miles of the Puget Sound Railway, which until 1928, carried passengers between Tacoma and Everett. The asphalt-covered trail offers great views of both industry and unspoiled nature.

The trail is wheelchair accessible and is bike and inline skate-friendly. Beginning at Fort Dent Way in Tukwila, the trail winds its way through the Green River Trail in Kent, then on to Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park. Here, you can use the amenities such as drinking fountains, restroom, and a quiet picnic area.

There are plans for future expansion, so that it is a continuous journey, rather than ending and beginning in designated areas.  

The Interurban Trail is in close proximity to Signature Pointe, and it offers the perfect outing for nature lovers. Go for a romantic walk with a loved one, take the kids on a picnic, or just enjoy the view and take some time to clear your head, while enjoying all of nature’s beauty.

If you have a favorite spot on the trail, feel free to join the Facebook discussion!

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