Add Tennis to Your Workout Regimen for Serious Health Benefits

tennis twoAre you looking to add a new sport to your fitness regimen? The benefits of playing tennis should make it your first choice.

The physical benefits of tennis are well established. Tennis will improve your aerobic capacity, which means that your cardiovascular fitness increases giving you higher energy levels and improved fat burning. 

Your leg strength will be improved, because of the many stops and starts you make during a match. And you will be much more agile, since the game requires that you change direction – up to 5 times in 10 seconds in one tennis point when playing on your apartment tennis courts.

The psychological benefits are equally impressive. Tennis players develop self discipline through learning to work on skills in practice, and controlling the pace of play in competition. You will also learn to accept responsibility since you must make the line calls during a match.

Tennis gives you the opportunity to manage stress. The game requires you to increase your game play under tough conditions. The ability to manage your stress level during practice, and in tough matches, will help you in your every day life.

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Photo via Pixabay