Add Comfort, Not Clutter, to Your Kent Apartment

Clutter is the biggest enemy of small homes, so if you want your Kent apartment to be comfortable, get rid of the unnecessary and stick to the essentials. Yes, that means getting rid of clutter and applying these practical tips.

  • Living room Know what comfort means to you – Some people want airy spaces with lots of sunshine, while others want spaces filled with soft luxury. Determine what you want and work from there.
  • Set the mood with color – Different colors evoke different moods. Blues and greens in pale shades are relaxing; browns and yellows are warm; reds and oranges are dynamic. Choose what appeals to you the most and use it as your base palette.
  • Appeal to all senses – Comfort isn’t limited to visual. It also touches on other senses, so add textures, scents and sounds that make you feel relaxed. Rugs, drapes, scented candles and fresh flowers can all help.
  • Go green – Plants instantly freshen up any space, so place a few pots of flowers around your home, including on the balcony for the perfect touch of comfort.

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