5 Hiking Trails to Try Out Near Your Kent Apartment

Kent hiking trailsAre you tired of being indoors? Going a bit stir crazy? Well, it may be time to hit the trails! Hiking is not just great exercise, it is also a good way to clear the cobwebs that may have gathered during the Winter months.

Even if the weather is still a bit drizzly, the fresh, clean air and green landscape can have you feeling refreshed and energized. Lucky for you, there are some great hiking trails near Kent that are just waiting for you!

  • If you are looking to start small, or have little ones, you may want to try the Morrill Meadows trail. At just 0.25 miles and with complete park facilities, it makes a perfect family hiking and playing spot.
  • Another short and relaxing hike can be found at Pine Tree Park. It features a 0.41 mile loop, with lots of trees and open space.
  • Lake Fenwick Park features longer trails and paths, a lake, park and picnic areas.
  • For a longer hike, try the Green River Trail, which gives you several miles of walking and jogging paths along the river.
  • Check out the 0.4-mile Walk of Native Trees & Shrubs at Clark Lake Park.

All of these hiking trails are near your Signature Point Apartment, so get out an enjoy yourself! If you have additional hiking trails to add to our list, let us know on the Signature Pointe Apartments Facebook page.