5 Great Ways to Find Events in Kent, Washington


The weekend is coming, and you want to find something fun to do. Or you’re in the mood to hear some good live music. Where can you look to find events in your area, from concerts to outdoor activities to fairs and festivals? The Internet can supply a wealth of information, if you know where to look.


There is more to this site than chatting with your friends and family. Not only do many venues have their own pages set up to share their upcoming events with their patrons, but Facebook has become the chosen method for many groups and individuals to plan and publicize events. It not only offers the opportunity to keep people informed but also provides a great way to get feedback and track who’s planning to attend.


Most large organizations – and many smaller ones – use Meetup.com for the same types of functions as Facebook, but on a larger and less personalized scale. A search in Meetup.com can bring you any number of groups in your area or region that have meetings and/or events planned, and offer the ability to sign up and see who else is attending.

Venue Websites

Large venues such as the ShoWare Center that host concerts and events have had websites set up for years to allow visitors to find their favorite band or event and buy tickets. As more and more people turn to the Internet for information on where to go and what to do, the number of small restaurants/bars/taverns that have their own websites has grown at an incredible pace. So if you want to know who’s playing at your neighborhood pub, it’s as easy as finding that pub’s website and checking their entertainment schedule.

City of Kent Website

If you are looking for events like street fairs or festivals, or just the hours that your local park’s hiking trails are open, a great resource is the website for your town, city or county. The City of Kent events calendar spotlights some of the year’s top events.


The old standby for event information has always been your local newspaper. As we have migrated more toward online searches for things to do and places to go, newspapers have followed the trend as well. Nearly every local newspaper, from the biggest to the smallest, now has most of its information available on its website. This can make a great one-stop source for whatever you need to find.