4 Tips to Make Friends with Your Neighbors at Signature Pointe

4 Tips to Make Friends with Your Neighbors at Signature PointeMoving can be exciting but can also be challenging if you’re new to the area. There are a few easy things you can do to get to know your new neighbors and make friends.

  • Signature Pointe Apartments are a prime location in Kent for local shopping and eating out. Less than two miles away is a shopping center with stores such as J. Jill, Bath and Body Works, Coldwater Creek. Also nearby is Ram Restaurant and Brewery and Starbucks. Getting out and grabbing a cup of coffee then heading out to do some shopping is a great way to meet others who might also live in the neighborhood.
  • Another easy way to meet your neighbors is to make light conversation with those you see around your new placeĀ  Just saying hello will open the door to more small talk and could eventually lead to a new friendship.
  • Once you feel like you’ve been able to settle in, don’t hesitate to learn about local organizations and get involved. Community involvement will help connect you to those who live close by.

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Image via Shutterstock.com