4 Tips for Hosting Guests Comfortably in a Small Space

tips for hosting guestsYou love to entertain and having a smaller apartment isn’t going to stop you from throwing dinner parties, inviting the office over for happy hour or planning a Sunday afternoon football get-together. Hosting guests in a small space doesn’t have to be limiting when you incorporate these easy tips.

  • This involves math but don’t worry, it’s not too hard! Take your square footage and divide it by five. That’s how many you can safely invite, as 5 feet is generally the amount of personal space an individual needs to be comfortable.
  • Don’t worry about seating for every guests. It’s unlikely everyone will be seated at the same time unless you’re having a formal dinner party. If more seating is required, bring benches out of the bedroom or haul out that old beanbag chair.
  • Let your furniture do double duty. Clean everything off of the coffee table and throw some pillows on the floor for another impromptu dining area.
  • Save space by arranging furniture one way when you’re entertaining and another when it’s just you at home alone.

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Image via Shutterstock.com