4 Myths About Renters Insurance Kent Apartment Dwellers Shouldn’t Fall For

rental insuranceRental insurance is a useful part of any renter’s budget. Here are the four most common myths about renters insurance.

  • Myth: I don’t own enough stuff to justify renter’s insurance. This is a complete fallacy. Without insurance, you may have to replace all your belongings at their current costs. Think that’s not much? Make a quick trip around your apartment and add up the costs to replace everything you own.
  • Myth: My landlord’s insurance covers me. Simply put, the landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover renters. It specifically covers the landlord and usually only against structural damage. Let your renter’s insurance argue with your landlord’s insurance if there’s a problem.
  • Myth: I can replace my stuff on my own. Renter’s insurance covers more than just your belongings.  It covers you for injuries that happen in your apartment. It also covers you if your apartment causes damage to your neighbor’s place or your landlord’s property.
  • Myth: Renter’s insurance is too expensive. Most renter’s insurance policies are less than $20 a month—much cheaper than having to replace everything you own. And you can work with your insurance agent to come up with a policy that meets your budget.

At Signature Pointe Apartments, we encourage every resident to protect themselves with appropriate renter’s insurance. If you’re in the market for a Kent area apartment, contact us today.

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