4 Interesting Tips for Recycling in Kent in New Ways

recycling in KentKent is a beautiful place to live, and part of that beauty comes from access to the many hiking trails and the outdoors. With a few simple tips, you can help protect the environment and keep our clean community a beautiful place to live.

There are four major ways that you can start recycling in Kent:

  • Recycle paperboard
  • Reuse your items for multiple purposes
  • Donate or sell your old clothes
  • Recycle your old electronics

Instead of throwing your cardboard in the trash, put it in a designated recycling bin. You may also be able to reuse it, just as many other household items have multiple uses. A glass jar can make a nice flower vase, or an old card can be used for a gift tag.

Before throwing old or just outdated items in the trash, think about selling them. With the popularity of e-commerce, many used items can be sold online. Whether you have clothes or electronics, there are different websites that allow you to sell items. They can also be donated to charity.

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Image via Shutterstock.com