3 Popular Skate Parks All Ages Can Enjoy in Kent

3 Popular Skate Parks All Ages Can Enjoy in KentSkate parks in Kent have really gained in popularity over the last couple of years and these three have all kinds of cool ramps, railings and bowls of varying difficulty. Never been on a board? Come on out and enjoy the show!

  • West Hill Skate Park, located at 42nd Ave. South and Reith Rd., is almost an acre and a half of skateboarding paradise. Skateboard novices can learn from the more experienced skaters, while spectators will enjoy watching from conveniently located benches. Plus, there’s great public art for everyone to explore.
  • Kent Lions Skate Park isn’t quite as large, but this land has been a vital part of the city of Kent skateboarding community since 1996. At the corner of W. Smith and Interurban Trail, there are public drinking fountains, murals by local artists along with great skateboarding opportunities.
  • Kent East Hill Skatepark at the corner of 240th St. and 116th Ave. offers more than just concrete ramps and bowls. As part of the Arbor Hills 360 Park, there are also public restrooms, picnic tables, climbing structures and BMX trails.

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Image via Shutterstock.com